Sunday, January 16, 2011


1. What's the world's longest word? What's it about? How many alphabets are there in that word? 2. Which word rhymes with 'Die' but means smart? 3. How many Oscars did the movie 'Alice In Wonderland' win? 4. From where's 'Santa Claus In The Town' originated?


1. What does 'SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS' mean? ANS : It has 34 letters in it and it means 'EXCELLENT', if you guys watch 'Mary Poppins' you'll hear this word. 2. How many syllables're there in this word? ANS : 14.... 3. What does 'Mean' mean and while I'm at it, what does 'Does mean? ANS : 'Mean' means can mean your being mean to me or you mean I'm not 6 years old. 4. What does it mean when says 'We' but means 'Me'? ANS : It means they're to passive aggresive to speak for themselves, perhaps they raised not to be selfish and this's their way to get around that. "I say 'We' because I'm speaking for their group even though really all I care about is myself." Don't worry too much about it, just don't let that person try to speak for you or control your life, be polite but don't take their crap. 5. Which word rhymes with 'Mean' and means 'Smart'? ANS : Keen....